The “Diversity Walks and Talks” performance invites individual proclaimers of LA’s culture to strut the runway in celebration of their uniqueness, showcasing LA’s diversity. A variety of participants will be pre-selected and interviewed about what diversity represents to them. Their interviews will play during the runway either in video or audio format. A photographer at the end of the runway will document all individuals and their photos will be displayed on a runway wall. 

All ages, all ethnicities, all backgrounds and all body types are welcome! Each participate will be asked to do a short recorded video interview with me with two base questions: Who are you & What does diversity mean to you? I will travel to you! 

Participates walk the runway in their choice of clothing showcasing their uniqueness which makes up LA's diversity. 


Runway Show: February 5th, 7 pm

February 8th, 5 pm 

Location: La Convention Center