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No competition here!


  1. Fill out the application below. You will receive a confirmation email and a request for an interview. 

  2. Your interview and application will be reviewed by the current Miss Art Worlds for selection. 

  3. If you take home the sash, not only will you have a lifetime of amazing experiences, opportunities, and challenges through your title but you will also be an official queen with the Miss Art World family.

We aren't big on rules! 


Miss Art World (MAW) Pageant System does not have rules for its titleholders. Each Queen has unique ways of expression through their chosen art form. MAW has no age, health, relationship status, or "ladylike" behaviors that titleholders are required to live by or agree to. Titleholders are free to use their title how they see fit. Free from constraints. Winners of the title must be confident. They must understand our brand's values and the title's responsibilities. They must have the ability to articulate their ambition. A titleholder should demonstrate authenticity, credibility, and positivity.

Trust me you qualify!



  • Must be between 0 & 200 years of age

  • May be single, married, window, separated, divorced or complicated.

  • May be pregnant, have given birth, or be a parent.

  • May be in any state of health.

  • May have had plastic surgery.

  • May identify as any gender

  • Must agree, that if selected to represent Miss Art World, they will participate in everything or nothing, and will abide by all or none of the rules and regulations governing this pageant.

  • Must agree that if they win, they may participate in other pageants during their time as a Miss Art World titleholder.

Apply Here 

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