Los Angeles-based artist Miss Art World is a conceptual interdisciplinary artist specializing in performance art that explores Beauty, body image, and gender inequity.

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The performative nature of pageantry lent itself naturally to utilizing performance art within my concepts. As Miss Art World – my performance art self-designated title – I am able to question the dominating ideologies of beauty fused with the disturbing struggle to obtain it.


Current series “Two Lines'' takes from my evolution into motherhood. Similar to previous artwork, motherhood comes with society's critical eye and the fear of underperforming. Reproductive rights are politically policed by society, defining women, in part, by fertility and cementing the oppression of women’s bodies


The current series “Attached” uses provocative, seductive, grotesque imagery mixed with the exploration of beauty materials intersecting opposing materials. The creative process of the mixed media collage-like artworks are performative & based in the ritualistic nature of the beauty routine.