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Los Angeles-based artist Miss Art World is a conceptual interdisciplinary artist specializing in performance art that explores Beauty, body image, and gender inequity.


The Miss Art World concept is a lifelong performance piece and, not performed by a singular performer, but shared by other artists through a broader movement. This movement of creative queens, a family of like minds that can be found all over the world. Miss Art World is a vehicle for creative activism


The performative nature of pageantry lends itself naturally to utilizing performance as a medium and vehicle to deliver my concepts. Social norms and the expression and suppression of stereotypes within femininity and feminism cause the prejudicial idea that the two are opposite. My works dealing with this issue have culminated in my self-designated title and birth of Miss Art World--a concept that embodies the feminist feminine fighter, a champion for social change who uses creative activism to inspire thoughtful conversation, cultural advancement. The Miss Art World movement includes recruiting other and creative queens with the power, courage, and strength to use their art for social change and equality.

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