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MX Art World
New York

New York, NY—Miss Art World crowns HC Huỳnh (they/them) as the new delegate MX Art World New York. The title was bestowed upon the new Esteemed Being by the original Miss Art World Katherine Cooksey on Just Because Day—just because.

Emerging from the depths of the ocean—divinity emerges in style of the Birth of Venus—the ethereal Esteemed Being HC Huỳnh is the first non-binary delegate to join the Miss Art World family.

“I am truly honored to join Miss Art World and be part of a group of cohorts who work towards challenging gender hegemony and directing our own narratives as femme-coded bodies. By breaking down outdated, dominant ideologies on gender identity and performance, we are allowed the opportunity to generate ideas and resources for our own bodies.”

Huỳnh is an artist, cultural organizer, and arts administrator whose practice often involves playing a proxy character, The Dunce, to instigate, challenge, and subvert social structures and semantics across various mediums. Their work ranges from performance, video, installation, fiber, and painting. Being a “glitch” is deeply rooted in Huỳnh’s practice. In reference to Legacy Russell, “Glitch is something that extends beyond the most literal technological mechanics: it helps us to celebrate failure as a generative force, a new way to take on the world.”

As an additional “glitch” to the Miss Art World family, Huỳnh joins Katherine Cooksey and Klaire Lockheart in diversifying the range of practices and discourses. The Miss Art World pageant system was conceived by Katherine Cooksey with the intent of being an inclusive and supportive network by negating competition and judging criteria. Using art as a form of freedom, Miss Art World redefines pageantry and the beauty industry by trivializing rules.

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